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The VS air-cooled vacuum blower package for truck

VS air-cooled vacuum blower package for truck, up to 92% of vacuum and 2,822 m³/h


The New Truck Blower Package

This Truck-Mounted, Air-Cooled Vacuum Blower Package features a comprehensive design that integrates the self-cooling blower, silencers, valves, frame and enclosure into one powerful compact plug and play solution.

The VS provides:

  • Both vacuum for product loading and pressure for product offloading through an integrated 4-Way Valve.
  • Quiet and powerful operation, making it the ideal choice for vacuum truck OEMs.
  • A heavy-duty construction for continuous industrial use, 24 hours a day, capable of attaining 28''HG/92% vacuum.
  • Operation at reduced noise and vibration.

These features include new Venturi pre-injection technology on our tri-lobe vacuum blower providing advanced sound reduction performance without compromise. Our renowned noise cancelling technology is engineered to keep the pulsation inside the vacuum blower to generate a sound wall. This new dual air injection technology utilizes a direct air injection system, which does not need any auxiliary cooling system and lowers the noise level.

Through an integrated 4-way valve installed on the vacuum truck package, the VS Air-Cooled Vacuum Blower Package is capable of providing both vacuum for product loading and pressure for product offloading.

When choosing a quiet and powerful truck-mounted blower, trust the HIBON experts to offer you the best solution for vacuum truck OEMs.