Our History

HIBON was founded in 1899. At that time, it was a small cycle and gear manufacturing company also handling automobile repairs. Thirteen years later, the first rotary vaned combustion motor was built which subsequently became a viscous liquid rotary pump.

In 1924, Georges HIBON moved from the automobile motor repairs towards the manufacturing and under the brand name "de Bazelaire" tried a short penetration into the world of automobile construction. Automobiles were soon left aside by the grandsons of the founder who opted for pumps and compressors, the company's real assets.

Initial plant manufacturing
Initial plant manufacturing
FOIRE DE PARIS 1950 with the biggest Positive Displacement Blower

Old vacuum pumps by Hibon HHLV HHLH installed in paper mills factory

Photomontage summarizing the history of the Hibon company in manufacturing Positive Displacement blowers, spanning from its establishment in 1889 to October 2006