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Maintenance Contracts for your Positive Displacement Blowers and Truck Blowers

Higher productivity for your blowers installation

A Hibon service agreement is a simple way of ensuring that your equipment is kept in excellent condition. Hibon service agreements offer you a number of advantages:

  • Equipment servicing is carried out automatically at specified intervals
  • Routine servicing maximises product performance and service life
  • The burden of managing the equipment maintenance programme is minimised
  • You have a fixed cost for maintaining the equipment
  • The features of such an agreement can be tailored to your needs and may include :
  • Guaranteed response time
  • Rapid response call out - Maximum system up-time
  • Full preventative maintenance schedule
  • Logging of condition monitoring data
  • Technical assistance
  • Participation in quality improvement projects
  • Transport of equipment to the local service centre

Hibon’s service is still available to deal with breakdowns or for routine maintenance.

Hibon offers two types of contracts:

COMFORT service: This includes one inspection per year by our technical team. During this intervention, our service technicians check the filters, the transmissions (belts or direct coupling), the state of the accessories (without replacement) and check the wear of the rotary air blower or the vacuum pump (exhauster).

ASSURAIR warranty: ASSURAIR is a complete warranty that includes parts, labour and travel costs. Any defective parts (motor, check valve, valve), accessories or defective rotary air blower are replaced free of charge regardless of how long your equipment has been in operation. There are no additional expenses even if your blower is out of order, and there is no limit to its wear rate. Our technicians intervene as soon as they are informed that the air production has stopped.