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VTB VS Truck Blowers for Sewer Treatment

Air cooled High Vacuum Truck Blowers

Truck Vacuum Blowers With Patented Venturi System

Decades of experience in the construction of:

  • rotary blowers, 
  • positive displacement blowers,
  • Air injection blowers,

and vacuum pumps enabled us to develop this new design of bare shaft vacuum blowers. It is providing advanced sound reduction performance without compromise.

Hibon has improved its range of VTB air injection vacuum pumps, mounted blowers, widely recognized for sewer cleaning applications to achieve noise reduction for users.

To gain this new level of efficiency, our renowned noise canceling technology is engineered to keep the pulsation inside the Truck mounted blower for generating sound wall.

This dual air injection technology keeps the advantage of direct air injection and lowers the noise level.

The system called VS as the Venturi system has been patented. This new Truck blower with air direct injection is the most efficient solution to cool the Truck blower. This truck blower can work even with a closed valve at suction side (inlet Blanked off).

With this new technological principle, Hibon demonstrates its ability to offer you the latest innovations for the truck market. This heavy duty positive displacement blower is used on most of our truck mounted package units. A 4-way valve can be added to the solution to enable the vacuum or pressure capability you need. A list of spare parts and accessories are available for this product.

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Specifications VTB.VS