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TS.XL Truck Blowers

Truck Pressure Blowers For Dry Bulk Transfer Applications

Dry Bulk Transfer Solutions

The pressure truck blowers TS.XL integrates state-of-the-art Three-Lobe technology with a rugged compact design engineered specifically for the most demanding truck and transfer applications: Cement, flyash, lime, flour, dry bulk chemicals, sand, grain, powders, sugar, plastic pellets.

Three-Lobe Technology

Compact, quiet and easy-to-install, TS.Xl drybulk truck blowers are suitable for a wide range of applications in the toughest industries.The innovative Three-Lobe design of the TS.XL Truck blowers delivers unsurpassed reliability in a versatile unit that can be installed in nearly any drybulk transfer vehicle.

Innovative Three-Lobe Design

Truck Blower TS.XL is part of a new generation of proven Three-Lobe blowers that have taken the truck industry by storm. Superior performance and quiet operation together with unsurpassed reliability make TS.XL the truck blower of choice with fleet managers to operators in the dry bulk transfer industry. TS.XL Truck blower is also pressure and vacuum capable.

Easy to Install

TS.XL truck Blowers was designed for ease of installation and can accommodate virtually any dry bulk transfer vehicle. Specify TS.XL as a replacement truck blower for an existing system or a complete TS.XL packaged system... experience the advantages of Three-Lobe technology.