Visit us at booth #7030 in Indianapolis in USA: February 21-24, 2022 during the WWETT Show!

During this WWETT Show - Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show, Hibon will present his Truck Solutions, positive displacement blowers, vacuum pumps for Hydroexcavation Equipment, Vacuum Trucks & Trailers, Jet/Vac Combination Machines.

Present in Canada with its subsidiary, Hibon designs its sceptic truck vacuum pumps and solutions specifically for the demand for the American Trucks.

New Truck Blower Hibon Package for the American and Canadian Trucks

Discover On Our Booth Our New Solutions

The show will be the opportunity for HIBON to present in America:

  • The New 28”hg Vacuum Blower with the Patented Venturi System providing  up to 10 dBa sound reduction without compromising reliability and performance.
  • The VTB822 28" Hg - 2729 CFM Package Vacuum & Pressure off-loading, easy to install on the American or the Canadian Trucks, simple to operate and maintain and with many other advantages.
  • The new 4-Way valve for Truck blower permitting to switch easily from Pressure to Vacuum and vice-versa.

Come and discover our new products!

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