Positive Displacement Blowers & Packages for Industry

Our solutions provide air or neutral gases at varying pressure for sustainable industrial processes

What's a Positive Displacement Blower?

Positive Displacement blowers are based on the tried and tested volumetric principle. The volume of air generated is proportional to the speed of rotation. Air is guaranteed 100% oil-free air and a transported gas that is free of any contamination.

They consist of two identical two or three lobes. They mesh in opposite directions thanks to a set of synchronization gears. There is no friction and no lubrication, within an oblong body. It is the same principle as screw compressors or air compressors.

The rotor profile has been perfected to the point where blowers provide maximum efficiency under all operating conditions.

A Large Range Of Low Pressure Solutions

HIBON has a large range of two or three lobe positive displacement blowers (PD Blowers). They are specially designed to meet the requirements of standard air or neutral gas applications.

We provide a complete and comprehensive range of vacuum pumps and pressure solutions for many industries. Benefits are efficiency, competitiveness and robustness.

This know-how ensures that the entire range of lobe rotary blowers and packages benefits from the latest technological developments. The user obtains optimum solutions best suited to his industrial needs.

The thousands of international references obtained by Hibon are a testimony to the reliability of lobe blowers. Hibon Positive Displacement Blowers provide a universal solution in numerous and varied fields in industrial markets such as: 

  • Water treatment, for aeration tank, or filter cleaning,
  • Pneumatic conveying in conveying systems,
  • Food processing, 
  • Cement works,
  • Metallurgy.

Our rotary machine can be incorporated by our customers into their own product solutions and packages to attain your business challenges. The positive displacement blower is often the heart of many types of pneumatic conveying and process systems for industry.


Photographic montage showcasing the various configuration options of Hibon bilobe or trilobe rotary piston blowers, either with motor, silencer, base, belts, belt tension, or as a bare shaft version for low-pressure or vacuum industrial applications with air or gases.
Examples of configurations of industrial Hibon positive displacement blowers
Two Silentflow Three lobe positive displacement blowers units for low pressure application
Hibon Positive Displacement Blowers in Package Version

Positive Displacement Blowers are efficient, reliable and robust

Same pd blowers can be run as vacuum pumps or as pressure fans.

It is a low maintenance machine with only oil change, belt tension replacement, inlet filter cartridge change. Replacement parts are easily available in our factory. 

Some damages can appear:

  • When starting and running a PD Blower while low on oil. It will result in almost immediate failure of the gears and by consequence rotor lobes can clash. But, if caught early, the blower is rebuildable.
  • When oil is dirty, bearings and gears will wear out prematurely. You can consult on our website the maintenance plan for blowers.
  • It is important to use adequate lubrication with an appropriate viscosity for lubricant. It is major to follow guidelines in the operation and maintenance manual for the blower. 
  • The inlet port filter must be clean for having sufficient air to provide adequate cooling of the blower.
  • When the discharge of the blower has been too restricted (over-pressure). Over-pressure can be prevented. A pressure relief valve or a discharge pressure switch can be installed on the discharge of the blower.
  • It is important also to control ambient temperature conditions for avoiding overheating of the blower.