Vacuum Pump application:

Since 1912, HIBON has been a major supplier of Truck vacuum pumps and Truck blowers for industrial and environmental uses of truck-based applications. 

Our truck blowers or vacuum pumps are designed to pick up and transfer anything from sludge, slurries or mud, to gravel, wet or dry.

As a custom manufacturer, HIBON provides vacuum Truck blowers and pumps that meet specific OEM business needs, including environmental remediation work and transportation of hazardous liquid waste.

The special design of our "environmentally green solution" eliminates the need for water cooling, heat exchanger, oil lubrication and effluent. 

Our high vacuum Truck blowers are also ideally suited for: 

  • mobile waste handling units, (industrial, municipal; wet and dry),
  • pneumatic conveying (fly ash, chemical or pharmaceutical products...)
  • sewer treatment,
  • hydro-excavation...

Hibon proposes a wide variety of vacuum pump systems and Truck vacuum pumps for the rigorous truck market.We propose 2 types of vacuum truck models:

  • The air injection vacuum pumps composed of  VTB.XL, VTB.VS and SIAV/H models  This series of vacuum pumps are the only able to reach 92% of vacuum.The flow rate is comprising from 1000 m3/h to 10,800 m3/h
  • The Bi-lobe TS series attaining 18”Hg Vacuum  This pump can easily replace various Truck vacuum pumps; the range comprises 2 heavy duty models.

Vacuum truck blower with air injection VTB by Hibon
Truck Blower equiped with Hibon air injection blower