Find Out Why Hibon Dry Technology Packages Are The Best Choice For Your Business.

Comprehensive Vacuum Solution

VP vacuum package has contact-free rotors and is oil and water-free, meaning all parts in contact with the gas are dry, avoiding any likelihood of contamination in the process.The unit uses only mechanical cooling and the oil-free technology requires less power to maintain a constant flow and vacuum level.

Thanks to the intelligent design and frequency convertor, it is possible to continually regulate the motor speed to help stabilise the vacuum level to meet changes in production demand.

Ideally suited for Centralised Vacuum System for Bottle Forming, a world’s largest glass bottle manufacturer has installed a new VP20 centralised vacuum system from Ingersoll Rand/Hibon, which is set to pay for itself in energy savings alone in less than five years!



Enclosure of the Hibon Vacuum Package with internally installed air injection positive displacement blowers in a glass industry facility.
VP Package in Glass Industry
Illustration of the principle of the air injection positive displacement blowers cooling system used for Vacuum package or VTB Truck Blowers.

How Does It Run The Oil & Water Free Air Solution?

Vacuum packages do not need water or oil to run. 

All the parts in contact with the gas are dry, so avoiding retro diffusion too in the process. The air coming from the process (1. INLET) is displaced then cooled by air injection (2. AIR INJECTION) and discharged at outlet (3. OUTLET). Thanks to this innovative air injection cooling technology, you have less energy consumption and better efficiency.