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DW Water-Cooled Vacuum Pump & Dewatering Package

DW Water-cooled roots vacuum pump delivers up to -600 mbar gauge, air flow up 16,500 m³/h in single stage and -850 mbar gauge, air flow up 30,000 m³/h in dual stage.


Hibon has been providing technology leading industrial vacuum solutions for over 100 years.

Over the years we have built a reputation for excellence and innovation. Our goal, to always improve and provide industry leading products alongside a high quality service and technical capability that combined, supply solutions that match our customer needs.

Using innovative water-cooled technology roots vacuum pump, we are able to achieve high levels of performance and efficiency.

This Dewatering package, Water-Cooling roots blower package features a comprehensive design that integrates the self-cooling blower, motor, belt guard, base frame silencer, base frame, motor support, inlet filter, anti-vibration plots, safety valve and sound enclosure into one powerful compact plug and play solution.

A wide range of options and accessories to meet the customer’s exacting requirements are available for our Dewatering Package. It can be tailored to match project needs and applications thanks to a wide range of accessories and options. (coating against corrosion, ATEX 22, painting on specification, special filtration, vacuum analogue gauge, tropicalized motor).

Do not hesitate to ask us about the many options we offer with our vacuum systems.

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