SME multistage centrifugal

SME - Multi-stage centrifugal blower

Ingersoll Rand offers a well proven range of Multistage Centrifugal Blowers: The Hibon SME Series is engineered to meet the requirements of the most demanding blower or exhauster applications for air and gas.


  • Flows 10000-40000 m3/h (5883-23530 cfm)
  • Pressure to 1.1 bar (16 psig) gauge
  • Vacuum to 500 mbar abs (15 “Hg)
  • Vertically split cast iron casing.
  • Cast or riveted type impellers dynamically balanced.
  • Carbon ring seals to reduce air leakage and improve efficiency.
  • Cast aluminium bearing housing for better heat dissipation.
  • Oil splash lubricated bearings with constant level oiler to ensure long bearing life.
  • Balancing piston on larger models for counteract thrust load on bearings.
  • Optimised ratios of impellers vs diffuser diameters and large turning radius of inter-stage channel for higher efficiencies.
  • Each unit can be equipped with a control panel using a programmable logic controller with an operator interface for highly user-friendly operation.



  • Aeration (wastewater treatment)
  • Combustion air
  • Centralised vacuum cleaning systems
  • Landfill gas boosting;
  • Filter scouring (water / wastewater treatment)
  • Flotation air;
  • Agitation
  • Drying
  • Oxidation air (FGD)