NX range New positive displacement blower pressure hibon


Process positive displacement blower for N2, Ar, CH4, He, H2, O2 gases...

ATEX available on demand.

A solution adapted to your applications


  • Flow : From 100 m3/h to 12 900 m3/h*
  • Differential pressure up to 1 bar g.
  • Vacuum up to 500 mbar



  • On the shaft, single mechanical seal self lubricated by crankcase oil.
  • High mechanical and volumetric efficiency.
  • Auto-adjustments of the lateral clearance for easy assembly.
  • Lifetime reliability.
  • 100% oil free operation.
  • Blowers without maintenance up to 5 years (except oil every two years*)*if you use HIBON LUBE
  • Lifting lugs.


Main applications

  • Pneumatic conveying of polyethylene, biogas recovery, degassing, furnace cooling...


Main markets

  • Process gas industry (N2, Ar, CH4, He, H2, O2...), plastic industry, energy, chemical, petrochemical industries...