NX range New positive displacement blower pressure hibon

NX - New range of positive displacement blowers

Continuous research and development of the Product range has lead to the introduction of the new NX Series of bareshaft blowers.

Their new design incorporates the benefits of improved assembly, lifetime reliability, competitive solution and interchangeability with the previous range.



  • Rotors: One-piece three-Lobe rotors.
  • Gears: Helical gears located on the opposite drive side.
  • Bearings: Four oversized bearings for lifetime reliability.
  • Oil reservoir: Large oil reservoir for improved bearing lubrication.
  • Oil thrower: : Oil thrower and oil passages for good bearing lubrication and long life.
  • Seals: Four piston ring seals plus a shoulder by sealing for totally oil free operation.
  • Shaft seals: Dynamic shaft seals arrangement.



  • Flow : From 100 m3/h to 13 000 m3/h
  • Pressure up to 1 bar eff.
  • Vacuum up to 500 mbar



  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Chemical drying and evaporation
  • Aeration (Waste Water Treatment)




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