Mechanical steam compression

The mechanical compression of steam is used for applications such as concentrating and drying of products with low energy consumption, thermal heat discharge recovery, compression of toxic vapors or for high value product recovery.

HIBON process blowers are used in above markets to basically compress vapors obtained during typical process evaporations.

With our reliable blowers we serve the chemical industry for Ethanol and Methanol processes and the pharmaceutical industry for water distillation (essential oil).

In the field of environmental protection, HIBON has significant know-how with treatment of polluted soil, heavy metals, cutting oil, radio-active oil, printing ink, brine, effluent treatment of rubber, painting, metal and many more.

In food industries, our process blowers are utilized to concentrate juices (tomatoes, fishes...), brewery water, brine or for desalination processes.

Most recently, we entered the green petroleum market, where first HIBON process blowers are being installed.