Gas Blowers For Process Industries

Wide Range of Heavy-Duty Process Blowers For Gases, Gases Mixture & Vapors

Our Experience Make Us Your Ideal Partner In Processes with Gases Mixture Applications

HIBON offers a wide range of heavy-duty process blowers in a wide variety of sizes, configurations, materials and sealing arrangements to suit all gases and vapors including toxic, corrosive and explosive. 

The choice of materials is determined by the application and includes cast iron, Ni Resist Cast iron, Bronze, Aluminum/ copper alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, and hastelloy.

Seals are selected according to the applications. Their variety allows answering numerous applications on neutral gases, on aggressive or hazardous gases.

Hibon systems custom packages are designed to meet customer specifications and international codes and standards.
The packages can include drives, silencers, heat exchangers, acoustic enclosures, full instrumentation, control gear, valves and complete piping systems.
ISO 9001 certified, the construction of process blowers is subject to quality assurance plan applying with equal stringency to all the suppliers of the components used in the final equipment.
Within the framework of this quality plan production system, we also supply a technical data file including test data and conformity certificate meeting ASTM, DIN and ISO standards as well as ASME, API, CODAP, TEMA,TÜV, RINA standards.