HIBON continues to pioneer in the design and manufacture of the highest quality and truly innovative positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps for more than 100 years.


Hibon of Ingersoll Rand is widely recognized as a global leader for standards of reliability and quality in the manufacture of positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps.

Hibon was founded in 1899. At that time, it was a small cycle and gear manufacturing company also handling automobile repairs. But, our success story in low pressure began with the invention of the first rotary vaned combustion motor which subsequently became a viscous liquid rotary pump in the 1910's – a strong example of a our pioneering achievements and ongoing capabilities. In 1924, Hibon moved from the automobile motor repairs towards the manufacturing and under the brand name "de Bazelaire" tried a short penetration into the world of automobile construction.  Automobiles were soon left asite by the grandsons of the founder who opted for pumps and compressors, the company's real assets.

Our unique and well proven knowledge and experience within the low pressure arena, continues to be relied upon across the globe. Our goal is always to provide products with the highest levels of quality that can be integrated into your packaged solutions providing you and your customers with complete peace of mind. This can only be achieved with experience and quality procedures developed over the years.

The same philosophy has also been integrated into our  Air injection vacuum blowers especially developed initially for the rigorous demand of the vacuum truck market.

The VTB.XL air injection blower guarantees 100% totally oil-free air. VTB.XL blowers have been developed and tailored to specific regional applications with a wide spectrum of solutions and are used today in packaged versions for fixed vacuum applications.

Branded "Hibon" our Vacuum Solutions provide many benefits from energy savings and environmental friendliness to minimal weight.

Additional to our dry vacuum blowers, we have a large range of positive displacement blowers associated with our experience for the Process Market (ETO): used for specific applications as mechanical steam compression.

We are able to provide high levels of Service for our products throughout their entire lifecycle. Including our unique engineering services, valuable maintenance support, spare parts and repairs.

Our Sales Team is ready and waiting to provide you with excellent support.