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Positive Displacement Blowers Exchange - Refurbished Blowers

Searching for an alternative to a new positive displacement blower?

Are your Blowers running at maximum efficiency?

When rapid availability of a replacement product is important, Hibon offers a service exchange scheme to those customers. All service exchange products are built to as new performance specifications using our re-manufacturing philosophy. Standard configurations of positive displacement blowers or truck blowers are usually available from stock. Other configurations are available within a short time.

  • Large range of refurbished rotary blowers in stock
  • Refurbished products
    Upgrade your systems with 'as new' performance pumps
  • Certified performance
  • 6-month warranty
  • Performances certified identical to your previous air blowers
  • Fast delivery

Keeping your Blowers in Top Shape with New ones! 

  1. It's easy!
    We replace old positive displacement blowers by new ones, just contact your Sales Engineer.
  2. It's economical!
    Previous blowers that come back to our warehouse give you a 10 to 15% credit note.
  3. It's a peace of mind solution!
    Hibon provides full technical support for helping you to clarify, exchange and install the positive displacement blower.
  4. It's effective for your process!
    New blower = New warranty period!
    It will be a solution with new certified performance.
  5. It's environmental friendly!
    Hibon will give a second life to your old blower with a refurbishing process.