Dry Vacuum Solution for Vacuum Applications and markets

The best choice for processes requesting a vacuum level up to 100 mbar abs.

Advanced Technology For Vacuum Application

Hibon has over 100 years experience in providing technology leading industrial vacuum solutions. Over the year we have built up a reputation of excellence and innovation.

Our goal is to always improve and provide product with higher quality level, service and technical solution than what our customers expect in their business challenges. Using innovative air cooling injection technology, vacuum packages are able to achieve high levels of performance and efficiency.

Thanks to years of field experience with our customer processes, we ensure that the correct vacuum pump and accessories are designed and sized to match customer expectations. Reliable and robust, our product are sized to meet the needs of each plant circumstance.

Our vacuum solutions offer many advantages in terms of energy reduction, adaptability to production rates and vacuum stability. They are an alternative to water-based technologies such as liquid ring pumps.
They are based on a highly proven roots-type rotary piston blower technology used in vacuum to form a high-performance industrial vacuum pump.

They are very effective in pulp and paper drying applications or pick and place in canning industry.

Enclosure of the Hibon Vacuum Package with internally installed air injection positive displacement blowers in a glass industry facility.