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Dry Running Tri-Lobe Air Positive Displacement Blowers

NX Series: High-Performance Positive Displacement Blowers

Our Positive Displacement Blowers offer high performance and reliability for gas or air applications. Choose the perfect blower from a wide range of products.

After many years of building rotary lobe blowers, we've created a new design for bare shaft machines. This design offers:

  • better assembly, 

  • long-term reliability,

  • cost-effectiveness, 

  • and can easily replace our previous range of blowers (SNH – SNV blowers).

What are the main advantages of NX positive displacement blowers between other technologies?

  • Constant Volume Output: They give a steady airflow even when pressure changes, which is good for consistent tasks.

  • Adaptable: They work well in both low-pressure situations and vacuum, so they fit many applications.

  • Energy Efficiency: They are often more energy-efficient than other technologies, especially in applications where a constant volume of air or gas is required without the need for frequent adjustments.

  • Low Maintenance: Positive displacement blowers typically have fewer moving parts, leading to lower maintenance requirements and longer service life compared to some other compressor types.

  • Accept Dirty Environments: Many industries use them in dusty or dirty environments without compromising performance.



How does NX series blower work?