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HIBON Major Supplier For Truck Applications


With more than 100 years of experience, Hibon supplies a complete range of heavy-duty solutions for the toughest Truck application. 
Our Truck blowers are specifically designed for :
-Dry bulk transfer applications (pressure)
-Vacuum duties (mobile waste handling; wet and dry).




Dry-Bulk Transfer with Truck Positive Displacement Blowers

Hibon is specialized in the design, engineering and manufacture of positive displacement blowers used in the transfer of dry bulk commodities.

Please, ask us for more about HIBON Pressure Truck solutions.We have the right equipment to provide for a safe, efficient and smooth running operation on your truck.

Our products are ideally suited for: loading and unloading of dry bulk products.

Products loaded or unloaded can be flour, pellet products, animal feeds, or various food products.

Our Truck Positive Displacement blowers TS.XL provide air flow performance and high reliability.


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ts xl hibon tree lobe trilobe truck blowers for dry bulk conveying
Pressure Truck Application




Vacuum Excavation With Air Injection Vacuum Pumps

Sewerage networks comprising all the pipes, usually buried, in which circulate fluids (waste water, rainwater) require regular and preventive maintenance. This one is carried out by trucks commonly known as "Vacuum excavators". These solutions are also called sucker trucks, suction excavators or vac trucks. They are equipped with Vacuum Truck Blowers.
Vacuum excavation, also referred to as hydro excavation, is the process of combining high-pressure water with an air vacuum. Vacuum excavators are used to remove unwanted material from an area, mainly mud, dirt and slurry from around underground utilities.
For this vacuum Truck application, the Hibon SIAV & VTB Vacuum Truck blowers are many advantages:

  • Self-cooling
  • Requiring no vacuum relief valve.
  • Hibon designed Truck solutions for continuous industrial use, 24 hours a day. 

The self-cooling design enables warm gases to be handled and eliminates or reduces the need for precooling.
These vacuum truck positive displacement blowers are very efficient for vacuuming a large variety of products, wet or dry.


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Vacuum truck equiped with hibon truck blower for sewer treatment
Vacuum Truck Application




Truck Accessories And Spare Parts For Truck Market

Some Hibon accessories and genuine spare-parts for trucks to maximise performance and reduce downtime are available.This equipment servicing includes all parts required for maintenance to extend the life of your Truck blower.

Regarding accessories, the 4-way valves allow the reversal of the airflow from vacuum to pressure. It permits the unloading of material from the vacuum truck debris tank.

Hibon 4-Way Valve technology provides the power and flexibility to enable the vacuum or pressure off-loading capability you need.

Our Hibon Products Truck web page presents everything required for your Truck:  Hibon Major Supplier for Truck Applications


Automatic 4 way relief valve for truck blower
4-Way valves for Truck applications