Truck Blowers For Pressure & Vacuum Applications

Large Range of Solutions for your Vacuum or Pressure Truck Application


For more than a hundred years, Hibon has been a major player for the truck market with his positive displacement blowers. Hibon has designed solutions specifically for the toughest market of Truck applications in pressure and in vacuum.

Our heavy duty truck blowers are well recognised in this market.




High Vacuum Without Water Or Oil Sealing

The Hibon SIAV & VTB blowers are very efficient for vacuuming a large variety of products, wet or dry. Used on septic, sewer or vacuum suction, the Hibon Truck blowers are ideally suited for this application. These rotary pumps are the only dry positive displacement blowers capable of attaining 28" Hg vacuum or 92% vacuum.

The SIAV & VTB vacuum pumps require no vacuum re

lief valve and are designed for continuous industrial use, 24 hours a day.

The self-cooling design enables warm gases to be handled and eliminates or reduces the need for pre-cooling.


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Vacuum truck blower VTB.XL used for sewer application
US Truck using VTB.XL Truck Blower for industrial vacuuming







Dry Bulk Transfer With Truck Blower In Pressure

For the dry truck bulk transfer application, HIBON TS.XL pressure blowers integrate the three-lobe technology with a rugged compact design. Specifically engineered for the most demanding truck and transfer applications including: flour, animal foods, pellets.


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Truck Blower Accessories

Very present in the truck market, Hibon designs a range of 4-Way-Valves to match various pipe sizes. These accessories can be easily installed on your truck materials.


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Truck blowers TS by Hibon used for pneumatic conveying
Hibon Truck Blower TS used on a Pressure Truck for Pneumatic Conveying Applications