New VS Vacuum Truck Blower Package

Vacuum truck blower package by hibon used for sewer treatment
VS Truck package without silencers

New Air Injection Vacuum Truck Package

Hibon Ingersoll Rand’s new blowers package provides state-of-the-art sound reduction technology in a complete plug & play system solution.

With patented venturi pre-injection system engineering, VS package offer a wide range of design features and incorporate energy efficiency improvements that comply with the strictest operational requirements of truck sewer cleaning applications.

It is a slim plug and play solution, easy to install and maintain. It is existing in different configurations (with or without silencers), with manual or automatic 4-Way valves.


Advantages and benefits for The Truck Vacuum Package

  • Sound reduction Up to 12 dba
  • Compact plug and play system
  • Three-lobe impeller Construction with dualAir injection system for a Vacuum up to 96%
  • Clearances adjusted Automatically during Assembly
  • Larger oil capacity
  • High performance sealing Arrangement using 4 Piston rings
  • Easier Maintenance
  • No Oil rr Water Cooling System (100% Oil Free Air)
  • Easier To Install On The Truck Frame

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truck blower package and accessories for sewer treatment by hibon

VS Truck Package with Silencers