Multistage Centrifugal Blowers

HIBON presents new state-of-the-art technology in Multistage Centrifugal blowers. This solution offers a wide range of design features and incorporates energy efficiency improvements, complying with the strictest operational requirement for a variety of applications.
Multistage blowers are ideally suited for operations where a variable flow at constant pressure is required.
With 2 models Performer series and High performance series, Hibon is a worldwide leader in Multistage centrifugal technology with thousands of units installed around the globe.

Unit Assembly
Designd to handle air or gas, each blower is designed and tested to provide a complete, compact, and reliable package. Many accessories are available to meet environmental and operational requirements.
Each blower is designed and tested (per ASME/ISO) to provide a complete, compact, and reliable package. Special attention is given to base construction and motor/blower alignment to provide a vibration free installation. Many accessories are available to meet environmental and operational requirements. These accessories include inlet ­filter/silencers, modulating inlet and discharge valves, ­flexible coupling and check valves. Controls are available from the basic surge protection to a full comprehensive PLC based control. Under most conditions, no special base or foundation is ­required for installation allowing easy placement in new construction or replacement of existing, less efficient ­blowers with minimal site modifications.

Performer Series

The rugged and reliable Hibon Performer Series (models 60,100, 200, 350, 450) provides a wide range of efficient low presssure solutions for the most critical applications. Offering state-of-the-art impeller, seal and oiler design, Hibon leads the industry in efficiency and mainteance free operation. Combine this with high quality accessories and PLC controls and your Performer, will provide trouble free operation for years.
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High Performance series

The state-of-the-art HIBON High Performance Series (models 475, 575, 675) provides high volume flow and the highest pressure range of the Hibon line.
The High performance Blower is best suited for contant pressure and variable flows. You will find the High Performance blower as a critical component to power plants, oil refineries, mines and wastewater treatment plant.
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