Biogas blower applications for environmental solutions

up to 1 bar (14,5 PSIG)

What is biogas?

Biogas is a type of biofuel naturally produced from the decomposition of organic waste.Biogas can be found in many areas of daily and industrial life. Biogas process are often present:

  • In agriculture with breeding excrements (liquid manures), 
  • from urban waste water treatment, 
  • from urban waste water treatment, 
  • from industrial food-processing,
  • from the paper pulp production,
  • from the fermentation of household disposal,
  • from landfill grounds,
  • from waste treatment in digesters.

Positive displacement Blowers used biogas applications
Example of biogas digesters
Biogas blower by Hibon
Hibon Biogas Blower

Where does biogas come from?

This decomposition happens in an anaerobic environment, so the process resulting in biogas is also known as anaerobic digestion.Biogas is flammable. Biogas is a blend of methane, carbon dioxide, and small quantities of other gasses.

Within the context of environmental protection applications, biogas is in full development.

Effectively, Biogas is an excellent source of clean energy. It has a lower impact on the environment than fossil fuels.


What are the applications of the biogas blower?

Biogas Blowers can be used to supply, drive, compress or extract biogas.HIBON biogas blowers are commonly used for:

  • agitation of digesters,
  • transfer of the biogas  for supplying distillers, boilers, heat engines and generating sets, or systems of cogeneration...

Hibon has specially developed a range of biogas blowers. Blower systems must be explosion proof and with a high efficiency.Positive displacement Blowers are spark proof with ATEX configuration.Blower technology are frequent in this application, but we can find also multi staged centrifugal blowers.

biogas blowes Atex BSF2 Hibon
Two Hibon Biogas blowers used in biomass recovery by anaerobic digestion.

- Agitation of digesters

The brewing by injection of compressed biogas is done at the base of the digester. 

This process can be called a gas bubble or anaerobic digestion from biomass.

The gas is compressed from 1 to 2 bars depending on the height of the digester.

The pressure is often regulated by a frequency converter.

The biogas is injected at the bottom of the digester by distribution rods located in the center of the digester.

Hibon gas blower for biogas application in atex version
Hibon biogas blower SF1.6 SCC with enclosure used for the recovery of biogas for burner feeding.

Transfer of biogas

A biogas blower can be used to either "pull" or "push" biogas.We find this solution for any other combustible gas, such as:methane gas, or renewable natural gas from somewhere and deliver it to somewhere else.


Hibon Biogas blower in package and enclosure
Biogas blower for recovery on anaerobic digester in sludge treatment in a cardboard factory.