Markets we serve

With experience dating back more than a century HIBON has successfully provided a world-class range of air blowers and compression equipment to the market, used for air/gas volumes at varying pressures above atmospheric and also for vacuum duties. With a wide range of products HIBON fulfills many application needs for a large variety of markets.

Hibon: Powering Progress Across Industries with Tailored Solutions

At Hibon, we're not just about creating products; we're about engineering success for a myriad of industries. From the depths of the earth to the expanse of the power grid, our solutions are designed to meet the unique challenges faced by each sector we serve.

Innovative Solutions for Diverse Industries

Chemical & Petrochemical: Our ATEX-certified rotary piston blowers and vacuum packages handle up to 7,800 CFM, ensuring high performance in even the most hazardous environments.

Environmental: We lead in biogas recovery and safe gas transfer, with equipment crafted to withstand the toughest conditions.

Power Generation: Depend on our blowers and vacuum pumps for robust, efficient, and low-maintenance operations in critical power plant applications.

Gases Industry: Precision-engineered for safety, our solutions manage hydrogen, nitrogen, syngas, and more, with ATEX-certified options for peace of mind.

Metallurgy: In the world of fuel furnaces and metallurgical processes, our high-efficiency blowers and vacuums keep production moving smoothly.

Engineered to Order (ETO): Our ETO approach is as unique as your needs. We dive deep into your specifications to deliver high-performance, customized solutions that perfectly align with your project goals.