Low Pressure and Vacuum Packages

Standard and custom packages are available for our wide range of positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps for low pressure and exhauster applications.

We have developed different versions of packages to meet the demands of diverse applications. Whether your package is operating in pressure or in vacuum. 

The Silentflow series for pressure or vacuum is designed to circulate air or neutral gases in non-hazardous environments. The differential pressure is up to 1,000 mbar (15 PSIG) and in vacuum up to 500 mbar absolute (15'' Hg). 

The Dry Vacuum Blower VP series integrates our range of air injection blowers VTB.XL for attaining 92% of vacuum up to 8,500 m3/h. 

The DW Water-cooled roots vacuum pump delivers up to -600 mbar gauge, air flow up 16,500 m³/h in single stage and -850 mbar gauge, air flow up 30,000 m³/h in dual stage. this package integrates water injection Positive Displacement Blowers running in Vacuum.

Our Process custom packages complete our range of products for the transfer of all gas mixtures whether hazardous, harmful or explosive.

Package of positive displacement blowers vacuum pumps
Different configurations of Positive Displacement Blowers & Vacuum Pumps in Package