Gas & Atex Blowers For Process Industries

Wide Range of Heavy-Duty Process Blowers For Gases, Gases Mixture & Vapors

Our Experience Make Us Your Ideal Partner In Processes with Gases Mixture Applications

HIBON offers a wide range of high performance process blowers. A wide variety of sizes, configurations, materials and sealing arrangements are available.

Our equipment is able to suit all gases handled or vapors including toxic, corrosive and explosive.

With an international renown, Hibon process gas blowers benefit from more than a century ’s experience.

Our solutions are particularly reliable and rugged.

They are in application in chemical and para-chemical fields, nuclear application, gas transfer, energy and other process industries…

Photographic montage showcasing the various configuration options of Hibon process positive displacement  blowers for process gases applications.
Different configurations of Hibon process gas packages
Assembly of a Hibon process positive displacment blower with direct motor coupling. The unit includes silencers, motor, rotary gas blower, discharge silencer base, suction silencer, anti-vibration mounts, and instrumentation for use in a gas mixture transfer process in chemical industry

What are Process Gas Blower or Atex blowers?


A blower is a rotary, positive displacement type of machine used to move gases or mixture of gas. They can be with Two-lobe or Three-lobe rotors design.

Two parallel rotors with identical profiles rotate in the opposite direction in the blower housing. A set of timing gears keeps the rotors in synchronization.

While rotors are spinning, gas is routed into the housing of the blower. This gas is trapped, transported and evacuated by rotation. There is no internal compression and no mechanical contact (no lubrication). Thus, the fluid carried remains free of oil and impurities.

Rotary lobe blower with water injection from Hibon's HHLH/HHLV series, used for high air flow volumes.
Process Gas Blower With Water Injection

We talk about a process blower when it is designed with specific seals, materials of construction, or special painting, Atex compliance for hazardous areas.

Generally it is used in a complex process or particular conditions as potentially explosive atmospheres.

Benefits Of Positive Displacement Blowers

By their principle, it is a volumetric machine, offering numerous advantages and particularly for process duties:

  • volumetric efficiency;
  • constant massive flow (kg/h);
  • oil-free conveying, 
  • constant air flow, 
  • robust, 
  • without internal compression, 
  • reliable and high performance, 
  • simple operation, 
  • widely used, 
  • belt or direct coupling possibilities, 
  • large volume of flow possible,
  • Cooled by ambient air,
  • Easy to start.

Large bilobe rotary piston blowers Hibon labelled HHLV with water injection for high air flow ratesused for gas mixture transfer
Large Process Gas Blowers

Construction Materials & Manufacturing Codes

To meet your requirement, HIBON blowers are designed in a wide range of materials:

  • Cast iron, 
  • Cast iron low temperature,
  • Carbon steel,
  • Stainless steel,
  • Nickel coating. 



We can offer you trilobe (Three-Lobe) or bilobe (Two-Lobe) rotor design depending on your application.

Detailed view of a Hibon SVV water-injection rotary lobe blower used for the mechanical compression of vapors.
Cropped photo of a Hibon process blower unit equipped with a water-injection positive displacement blower, motor, direct drive and silencer for the mechanical compression of vapors.

Process Gas blower Package in Direct Coupling

Specific Seals

Seals are selected according to the applications.

Their variety allows answering numerous applications on:

  • neutral gases,
  • aggressive gases
  • hazardous gases,
  • flammable gases.

ATEX-compliant Hibon rotary piston blower assembly with base, motor, suction silencer, and discharge silencer designed for use with gas mixtures.
ATEX Gas Blower

ATEX certification and compliance possibility

All the category 2 ATEX-compliant blowers have been specially developed to pump/compress a flammable atmosphere, classified as an internal zone 1 or 2, without needing to install protective devices such as flame guards.The blowers have also been designed to function in an exterior flammable environment classified as zone 1 or 2. They are explosion proof. The blowers are certified (according to directive 94/9/CE) as category 2 or 3 equipment according to the European ATEX directive.

The blowers are suitable for pumping/compressing a wide range of flammable gases and vapors.The temperature classification that applies to the category 2 or 3 ATEX-compliant blowers refers to the spontaneous combustion temperature of flammable materials that can be pumped/compressed, or that may be present in the external atmosphere.

Process Gas Blower packages

Hibon systems custom packages are designed to meet customer specifications and international codes and standards.

We offer you the know-how to evaluate and produce custom packages.So, the packages can be personalized. 

It could include:

  • drives,
  • silencers,
  • heat exchangers, 
  • acoustic enclosures, 
  • full instrumentation, 
  • control gear, 
  • valves and complete piping systems, 
  • thermal insulation on casing and on silencer. 

There are also some package versions in direct coupling for using a VSD driver.

Interior of an acoustic enclosure containing a Hibon process gas blower unit with all its instrumentation tailored to customer specifications for chemical industry application.

Specific Process Gas Blowers Package with Enclosure & Instrumentation

Multiple full assemblies enclosed in acoustic hoods featuring Hibon ETO process rotary lobe blowers, designed for a process application with gas mixtures.

Quality control

Hibon is ISO 9001 certified.

Hibon applies to the process gas blowers a quality assurance plan. This level of requirement is stringency applying to all the suppliers of the components used in the final equipment.

HIBON ensures optimum quality through the skill of its employees and the performance of its production equipment.

We supply technical files. They could include specific tests, specific certificates on demand, and certification as ATEX zone 1 or Zone 2, and Gost R.

Flow And Pressure Range of Hibon Process Gas Solutions

The equipment is used in a single configuration, the maximum discharge pressure is 14,5 PSIG (1 bar). Negative pressure attains 50%.

The range of gas blowers produce flow rates of up to 7 800 CFM (13 000 m3/h).

Hibon Case studies are numerous.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to know our experience in this process field. We will present to you our experience and know-how.

Here are the industries and applications we served.

Complete assembly of a Hibon water-injection rotary piston blower with motor, base, direct coupling, and silencer. This Hibon rotary piston process blower is used in the mechanical compression of vapors.

HIBON Mixture Process Gas Blower Package