Petrochemical and Chemical

There is a multitude of HIBON products ideally suited for the chemical and petrochemical field: Filtration (soda, carbonate of soda, potassium hydroxide ...), desulfurization with sulfur recovery unit (SRU), gas transfer, mechanical steam compression, boiler feed, vacuum swing absorption (VSA), pneumatic conveying under nitrogen (inert gas) of plastic granules, HDPE or PEHD process for polyethylen...

Engineered Solutions For Petrochemical & Chemical -Wide Excellence 

Our robust portfolio of rotary piston blowers and vacuum packages is a testament to our dedication to these sectors. Hibon's solutions cater to a range of applications, from chemical processing to petrochemical and gas industries. 

Engineered to handle mixture of gas and withstand contaminants and moisture, our products are also ATEX-certified, ensuring operation in the most hazardous environments without compromising performance.